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Wenger out? Be careful what you wish for

Following their worst start in 20 years the cries for Arsene Wenger to step down are growing louder and louder from Arsenal fans. 

Saturday’s 3-3 draw against Fulham was yet another incredibly bizarre and bonkers performance from Arsenal and they even had a chance to win it at the end but Mark Schwarzer saved Mikel Arteta’s penalty. Out of the 11 league games played, Arsenal have won only four.

During the team’s league campaign last year, there were some very vocal Arsenal fans proclaiming that the only way for the club to move forward was to replace the manager. The frustration is centered on 8 trophy less seasons and the continuing prudence with regards to Arsenal’s activity in the transfer market, all of this compounded by the team’s poor start to the season.

I am not opposed to change and sometimes it is neccessary. I have always been a huge fan of Wenger and have a great deal of respect for what he is done for Arsenal and his dedication to his philosphies but the past couple of seasons have been very trying.

When things aren’t quite going to plan, it easy to target the manager because when it comes down to it the buck stops with them. Replacing a manager of Wenger’s stature and footballing knowledge is not as simple as just calling Pep Guardiola and offering him the job.

Wenger has overseen the growth of Arsenal and their move to the Emirates, he knows the club inside out and only has the club’s best intentions in mind. Remember, too, that the beautiful football that everybody loves to see was introduced by Wenger and his careful nurturing of young talent has seen the club produce some of the finest players the Premier League has ever seen.

If the club were to appoint a new manager to replace Wenger, what’s to say the replacement would not be restricted financially as Wenger clearly is with regards to transfer policy. The Arsenal board state that Wenger has healthy funds to use but Ivan Gazidis has also said that it won’t be until 2014 that the club will be able to compete financially with the likes of Man City and Chelsea. 

I don’t think Wenger resigning is the right option, especially with only a quarter of the season gone, and what happens when things do not change instantly if a new manager comes in? Bring in another one? Patience is required in times like this and Wenger is the man for the job. For now, at least.