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Tougher Than We Thought


The champions League has been a very good hunting ground for English clubs over recent years and has always proven to see some European giants get beaten by our good old faithful English Elite. For some reason, even though the Premier League has produced some fantastic  Champions of Europe and as a nation, especially more recently, we’ve decided to flex our muscles more and more in this competition, we are almost always considered under dogs when facing other European elite sides such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and AC Milan. Even though we go toe to toe with Italy (13) and Spain (13) for titles won with 12 and surpass archenemies Germany with 6.

When you take a closer look at the semi-finals and finals of recent years its easier to understand why Sep Blatter dislikes England and the success we’ve had in this competition. 2005 two teams make the semi’s and Liverpool make the final. 2006 Arsenal make the semi-final and Final. 2007, three teams make the semi’s and Liverpool make the final. 2008 three make the semi’s and two English teams dominate the final. 2009 three make the semi’s and united make the final.

Since the 2009 final the Premier League have failed to have more than 1 team in the semi-finals and missed out on the final in 2010 but finalists again in 2011 and 2012 with Chelsea winning the whole shebang again proved that the Premier League is a dominant force in Europe despite constantly being labeled under dogs when it comes to playing the likes of Bayern Munich, Barcelona and so on. As an England Fan it is always nice to see our clubs do well in the competition despite despising them during a normal season. This year however may be a struggle for our boys. With City already crashing out and putting Mr. Mancini’s job in doubt and Chelsea struggling to qualify this week needing other results to go their way may leave only two English teams still in the competition as early as the round of 16’s. Arsenal and United may be left to fly the flag for England this year and with Arsenal having a rebuilding squad year and United still not quite firing on all cylinders we may well be without a Finalist for only the second time in seven years.          

With teams like Borussia Dortmund sparking some attention and PSG with all their new money and new fancy players will all be big teams for the brits to avoid this year and for me the Champions League this year has some of the best quality we may see for a while. With all this being said, it poses the question as to who is your favourite for the European Title this year?  Because for me, its not one of our boys this year!

Jack Turner