One of the most comical fouls you’ll ever see (Video)

Fouling is part and parcel of the beautiful game. Not an encounter between two sides will pass without the tackle being worthy of a free kick, a yellow card or, at worst, a red. They may incense the crowd, be it home or away, but there are always fouls in the 90 minutes.

However, while a vast majority leave the fans seething, there are those that one can’t help but sit back and laugh as to what has just been witnessed. No, it’s not at the referee for missing another blatant offence, but rather a foul so deliriously hilarious that any supporter will just point and laugh.

Well, any tackle that you may’ve seen that made you burst into fits of laughter can now be put to one side. The audacity to attempt a foul similar to this one in Norway is worth of a standing ovation alone.

It’s also one that possibly Chelsea captain John Terry should’ve attempted during the Blues 5-3 defeat to Arsenal last season. With it, following his slip, the former England international may’ve been able to prevent now Manchester United front-man Robin van Persie from smashing one of his three goals past the West London outfit.