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Gerrard Ready To Kickstart (video)

Steven Gerrard has been auditioning for a place in a remake of The Terminator declaring “I’ll be back”, Liverpool’s captain fantastic is reaching the latter stages of his career at Anfield but is sure he can return to his midfield marauding ways.

He told the official Liverpool FC magazine: “I’ve had mixed experiences this season. I’ve passed some unbelievable landmarks for club and country, getting to the 600-games mark and winning my 100th cap for England.

“But, with the slow start we made and being where we have in the league, it’s been a bit mixed for me.

“There’s my form as well. I’ve played well in some games but I’ve been disappointed with myself in others and I’m not happy with my goal tally at the moment.

Gerrard only played 18 league games last season due to a groin injury but went on to play a pivotal role in the second half of the season.

“People’s opinions, perceptions and the way they judge you changes when you get a goal.

“I think my performances are getting closer to where I want them to be so if I can add goals to those performances, then maybe people will start saying the old Steven Gerrard is back.

“I don’t think the manager has asked me to do anything different in terms of the way he wants to me to perform.

“But because of certain injuries, situations that have happened to the team and formations that we’ve played, I’ve naturally played a little bit deeper.

“I’ve maybe gone into protection mode rather than playing the old Steven Gerrard way with the shackles off and going for the jugular.”

Gerrard added: “But I’ve got the buzz that the team’s improving and it’s going to get better.

“I’m confident that come the end of the season I will be satisfied with myself and the team, because I do believe we can finish the season really strong.”


Sam Jewell