Metalist Manager Pleas With Owner (Video)

Usually a manager urges his club’s owner to keep hold of his best players but in this case it is the opposite.

Metalist Kharkiv manager Miron Markevich is urging owner Serhiy Kurchenko to allow Chelsea target Taison to complete a move to London in this January transfer window.

Kurchenko has recently taken over as owner of the Ukrainian club and despite a fee and personal terms being agreed with Chelsea and the previous owner it seems the new man in charge isn’t so willing to sell Brazilian Taison.

The Metalist manager is more than aware that keeping Taison in the Ukraine could have a negative effect on his team.

“If he does not play with the soul and heart of Kharkiv, he is not with Metalist and it is better to let him go,” Markevich declared in the Evening Standard.

“Prior to the change of ownership of the club, there was an option for parting with Taison. At the same time, the new owner does not share this position and does not think that we must part with Taison.

“He has a clause in the contract, according to which, if any club will offer $20million (£12.4million) or more, we will be forced to sell him.

“If this happens, I would urge the owner to part with Taison. I am sure that I can, for that money, buy two players to replace Taison and it will only strengthen the team.”


Sam Jewell