I Don’t Want To Hear Any More About Charlie Morgan

To be honest I am sick to death of hearing about Eden Hazard kicking the Swansea City ball boy at the Liberty Stadium on Wednesday night and I can’t fathom why on earth the issue has rumbled on as long as it has.

We’ve all seen the footage so I don’t need to talk about what happened but it is the aftermath that needs to be sorted.

Chelsea’s Eden Hazard was rightly sent off for his kick, whether he made contact with self proclaimed King of The Ball Boys Charlie Morgan or not but his apology could have been a bit more sincere.

Hazard said “The boy came into our changing room and we had a quick chat. I apologised to the boy, he apologised as well and it’s over. Sorry”, not the most apologetic apology i have ever read or heard but at least hazard holds his hands up to say ‘look, I’m wrong and I shouldn’t have done it.’

The ball boy however has come out of this looking like the victim when he was the cause of the whole debacle in the first place by holding on to the ball and falling on top of it when hazard tried to hurry him.

Trailing 2-0 in the last 10 minutes of a semi-final any professional sportsman would have wanted to hurry the game along, so at the end of the day if the ball boy slows play at a reasonable rate without lying on the ball the incident never happens and we don’t have to be bored stiff over it.


Sam Jewell