Transfer window madness

If an alien were to visit earth on the final day of a football transfer window they would struggle to fully comprehend the madness that unfolds.

As a human being, I am at a loss for words sometimes.

I know it is Sky Sports’ job to provide full coverage of the day’s events as they unfold and have a reporter at every single ground in the country but it really is becoming just a little too much now.

Take this ridiculous example:

Sky Sports presenter: “We have our man John Painter at the scene with some breaking news on a possible transfer. John?”

Reporter: “Yes, James, incredible scenes here as moments ago it looks as though Gareth Barry stopped off at a Little Chef on his way to London to do some shopping with his missus. This can mean only one thing; he is absolutely most definitely going to sign with a London club by the end of tonight.”

OK, I may be making a few things up here but can anybody honestly say that the fabricated example above is not a totally inaccurate reflection of how barnstormingly bonkers Sky’s coverage of deadline day is?

Additionally, I feel as though I know what car every single Premier League player drives having seen them give interviews from their mode of transport so often. 

In an ideal world the transfer window deadline day hoo-haa would pass with minimal fuss and we would all read about it in the papers the next day, much like people used to do say 15 years ago.

The hype surrounding something of such relatively little importance is astounding and it appears that Sky wish to outdo themselves with every passing year by throwing in more graphics, employing more reporters to go and stand in fields somewhere near a stadium so they can tell someone in a studio that a helicopter has taken off and buying more clocks to show the countdown to 11pm.

Stop it now Sky Sports, you’re doing my head in.