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Farcical Chelsea

Is there a more poorly run club in the Premier League than Chelsea?

It is seems so peculiar that this team were able to display resolute togetherness at the tail end of last season and pull off one of the biggest surprises of any football season by going all the way in Champions League with a depleted team.

It was brilliant and Chelsea fans, when facing criticism, will always refer their detractors to that particular fact. 

It is unavoidable to notice, however, that Chelsea are now becoming something of a farce run by a deluded, power hungry oligarch whose decisions have neither rhyme nor reason.

The appointment of Rafa Benitez always seemed strange to me simply because I consider him to be a poor manager. Whist this opinion may resonate with some Chelsea fans, one thing they all agree on is that they do not like the manager and fans who do not get behind they their manager only leads to discourse, and so it has proved.

Today’s loss to Newcastle has only intensified the pressure on Benitez and it with every poor performance the boos become louder and the unrest continues to spread. It is not good for the players, too, who are not deaf and must feel the toxic atmosphere created by the fans. 

If Benitez does not steady the ship soon then it seems, inevitably, that he will not make it to the end of the season.

The club’s poor mis-management of Frank Lampard’s contract situation, too, has been terrible and cause for concern. Lampard, a player who has done so much for the club and has proved to be very effective still, has been treated badly by a club he has given everything to. I know Chelsea have a strict policy on players who are over 30 but to sit one of your best players on the bench for a large part of the season, as they have done with Lampard, is an embarrassing shambles.

We haven’t even mentioned the Fernando Torres debacle either.

Chelsea still sit in third but the fans are unhappy and their position in the table looks shaky at best. A couple more losses than Abramovich’s trigger finger will get twitchy and Chelsea will be looking for a new manager sooner rather than later.