The Manchester City ‘Harlem Shake’ (Video)

Those who aren’t familiar with the ‘Harlem Shake’ craze will be confused.

The ‘Harlem Shake’ is an Internet meme that went viral on YouTube in February 2013 and has now been copied by thousands of people all over the world – most recently Aleksandar Kolarov and his Manchester City team mates.

The shake tends to start with one individual throwing some moves in a casual setting whilst everybody goes about their business in an ordinary way. When the music kicks in, however, the whole place erupts and… well, have a look for yourselves.

Receiving over 100,000 views in just over an hour is admittedly impressive, especially for how poor their version of ‘The Harlem Shake’ is.

But one does wonder why? If Manchester City were top of the league, still in the Champions league and on for the treble (like their neighbours) I could understand why such tomfoolery would occur. But I expect that this would’ve taken some time planning; the props, the ‘dancers’ etc.

Of course I am not blaming Manchester City’s dreadfully disappointing season on such events, but their recent obsession with updating their ‘Official’ Youtube account every day and ‘keeping down with the kids’ is verging on being embarrassing.

Anyway, Take a look at the video and don’t blame me for wasting 35 seconds of your life. 

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