FA toothless once again

It is quite remarkable how the linesman during Wigan’s home clash with Newcastlefailed to see how bad Callum McManaman’s tackle on Massadio Haidara was.

Even more remarkable, perhaps, is how the FA have failed to take this opportunity to finally impose tougher sanctions on those who chose to play football in such a reckless manner. In previous seasons there have been a number of horror tackles which have had massive impacts on player’s careers and yet the perpetrators have only received a straight red card which means a measly three match ban.

The FA’s decision not to take further action with regards to McManaman’s tackle is laughable really. The Wigan player’s foot is so high off the ground that it has connected with Haidara’s thigh and in any football league that is not a legal tackle.

If the FA were to bring in longer punishments for those who choose to play football this way it would act as a deterrent. A 7 or 8 game ban would definitely make a player think twice before he launches himself full pelt and studs up into a tackle.

But those cowards who govern football in this country are happy to let it continue so McManaman doesn’t even receive a ban for his tackle and as long as the FA remain spineless then these sort of tackles will remain in our game.