Hazard’s ‘ITK’ it seems

Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard today told the world what they already knew, that his Spanish team mate ‘El Nino’ or Fernando Torres is heavily criticised.

Whatever possessed Eden Hazard to ‘reveal’ this obvious information is beyond me, but nonetheless he did.

He told L’Equipe, “I believe he [Torres] is the most criticised player in the world. As soon as there is a bad match, it is his fault.

“He has missed opportunities, just like everyone else. He is always here trying. He has always got over blips and scored goals. That is really impressive.”

Torres, who scored 81 goals in 142 games for former club Liverpool, hasn’t scored in the League for the blues since their Boxing Day game against Aston Villa.

“He is quite a reserved guy. He is in his own bubble.” Hazard continued.

Eden Hazard himself has scored 12 goals and made an impressive 17 assists in just 54 games for Chelsea.

Maybe instead of wasting his time revealing pointless stories, he should take ‘El Nino’ onto the training ground – Then again, maybe I shouldn’t have written this.