A little less conversation, a little more advertising (Video)

Football is big business these days and so it is no surprise that some of the world’s largest companies have decided to get involved. Sports companies compete to sign up the best players and clubs to their brand, with millions of pounds spent on sponsorship deals and advertising every year. Adidas and Nike are the two big hitters, with all the major teams in Europe displaying either the three stripes or the swoosh on their kit.


Bayern Munich
Real Madrid

Manchester United


Due to the fierce competition between the two companies, both are regularly using advertising campaigns to try and convince us to buy their products and show us that they are superior to one another. It is probably fair to say that each company has benefitted from the other, by having to push themselves to constantly produce better quality products and consequently more spectacular adverts.

In 2002, Nike came up with a brilliant idea of inventing an imaginary 3-a-side tournament involving some of the world’s most recognizable players. The format was simple; a knockout competition where the first goal wins.

Matches were ‘refereed’ by Eric Cantona, who strode about on top of the metal cage that the action took place in. Everyone had their favourite team of three and there was much discussion about whether Nike had got the results correct. Were Henry, Totti and Nakata really the best team or should the trio of Ronaldo, Figo and Roberto Carlos have beaten them? With a very catchy backing track from Elvis vs. JXL and some fun and humour from Cantona and the players, it was a feel good advert that made you instantly want to go out and play some football with your mates.

The public loved it and there were many calls for the mini sided game to become a more permanent fixture. Not often do football adverts capture the imagination of non-football fans, but even they couldn’t resist singing along and commenting on which team they preferred. Possibly the best Nike advert ever, although there are a few others that you may prefer. Let me hear your views on the matter.

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