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Rodgers want to base Liverpool on Dortmund

Hipster Brendan Rodgers has said a club does not have to spend 80 million pounds in the summer to challenge Europe’s elite and cites Champions League semi finalists Borussia Dortmund as a prime example.

Rodgers, 40, is beginning to turn Liverpool into a footballing force once more after totally revamping their style of play. However, he admits there is not a bottomless pit of money at Anfield and that glory needs to be achieved on a budget.

“You can challenge without spending 80m pounds in one summer,” Rodgers told Liverpool‘s official website.

“Look at the example of Borussia Dortmund, a team that won the Champions League and then struggled financially. They went out and rebuilt and it took them four to five years to push on.

“Then they won the league and their European work suffered. This year you can see they have put their focus on Europe and they have lost their [domestic] title. That’s a team that has been growing over five years.”

Liverpool currently lies in seventh place in the Premier League but, since Rodgers arrived at Anfield, it’s the football and the league position that he has strived to improve within the constraints of a budget.

“Unless you have got the Manchester City or Chelsea money and just bring in 70m-80m pounds worth in one summer to add to a Champions League-winning group, you need a different way.”

Rodgers continued to explain, “I think Dortmund’s is the best way because you are not just looking after the team but also the club.

“Of course, supporters will always look at the team but for me it’s bigger than that to have success. It’s about all aspects of the club so that when you do arrive you are in a strong position. It is the hardest step of all.

“Chelsea were sixth last year and look at the reinforcements they made to get back to that level again.

“Then look at Tottenham who were fourth and did not get into the Champions League on a technicality. They spent 50m pounds just to stay in there. It’s a big ask, that’s the reality, but we can really push on next year.”


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