Chelsea enter race for Lewandowski


Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho…sorry, rumoured Chelsea manager in waiting Jose Mourinho appears to be already laying the foundations for his squad next season.

The Mirror reports that just 24 hours after being beaten 4-1 by Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League semi final 1st leg, he made overtures to capture their star player Robert Lewandowski.

The story originates from Bayern Munich vice president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, stay with me, he claims he received a phone call from the strikers agent, Maik Barthel.

Barthel told Rummenigge that Mourinho had called him to urge his player to join Chelsea instead of Bayern Munich; this is according to reports in Spain’s La Informacion.

Now, Jose has said that he is hated by the sections of the Spanish media but would La Informacion make this up? Well possibly but the Rummenigge angle seems pretty clear cut.

It’s clearly not particularly ethical to try to convince a player to join your future employers whilst you’re still working for your current ones, but I’m not sure he’s broken any regulations, it is football after all.

Barthel has previously confirmed that the Pole will be leaving the Westfalenstadion in the summer. Depending on which paper you read the only real question has been which variation of red shirt he’d be wearing, Munich’s or Manchester’s.

Having only been back in Premier League management one day… sorry, having only just given his strongest hints yet that he will be returning to Premier League management, Mourinho is already entertaining us with his antics, whether they are factual or not.

Allen Whyte

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