Mourinho to risk wrath of Chelsea fans as he plans move for former Liverpool midfielder

 If Jose Mourinho does, as now seems increasingly likely, return to Chelsea, it appears he will come bearing a gift.

The Independent reports that Real midfielder Xabi Alonso could be following his manager and swapping Madrid for West London.

The paper cites Alonso as one Mourinho’s few allies in a predominantly hostile dressing room. It claims the Spaniard is awaiting confirmation that Mourinho stays in charge before committing to an extension of his contract at the Bernabeu.

Whilst fans of most clubs wouldn’t be averse to the smooth passing, strategist joining their ranks, I fear the reception he’d receive at Stamford Bridge would be less than welcoming.

If Blues fans have found it hard to forgive and forget Rafa’s heinous quotes about their football club then…actually what were Rafa’s quotes that got such a normally calm and tolerant breed all het up?

“It’s the passion of the fans that helps win matches – not flags.”

“To me, Arsenal played much better football two or three years ago.”

“If Chelsea are naive and pure then I’m Little Red Riding Hood.”

I mean there surely must be a Benitez shaped hole in a prison somewhere for him to still be walking the streets!

I don’t get it, is it just me?  it’s not like he started throwing out “Your mum” slurs.

In light of Rafa’s reception I feel Alonso’s own comments may not immediately ingratiate him to the Shed-enders. “I am still a Liverpool fan and will be forever, absolutely.

“The things that I have lived and the experiences I had during those five years are deep in my heart and the passion and respect I had for the club and its supporters are still the same.

“Hopefully I can transmit to my son what Liverpool Football Club means and how special it is, as he was born in the city and he will visit it in the future.”

Now I’m no Russell Grant but I foresee those remarks could possibly be frowned upon down the Kings Road.

Allen Whyte

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