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What’s on a footballer’s iPod? (video)

Music and football are never far apart, with the most egotistical fans undoubtedly claiming credit for victories due to their well-timed chants. Others are a bit more insulting towards referees, opposing managers, or returning ex-fan favourites. But what do players like to listen to when they get back to the changing room, or on their lavish Ferrari journey home?

David De Gea – The Man United keeper has put doubts to bed this season over his position between the United sticks, and as far as drum sticks go, he likes them played fast and heavy! Among his favourites are Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold. Keeping it local, the Spaniard also enjoys a bit of the Manchester-based Stone Roses.

Steven Gerrard – One black spot that will forever haunt the career of Liverpool’s midfield sensation is the harrowing fact that the Phil Collins Greatest Hits is his favourite record, having requested it one night at a nightclub. Rumour has it that his move to Chelsea broke down when one of the club’s vetting procedures revealed the former Genesis frontman to be his most played artist on his iPod. While that may not be entirely true, it is nonetheless an amusing aside that will have earned him several severe ribbings on the training ground. He has also been spotted at a Lionel Richie concert. I’ll leave Gerrard alone now.

Wayne Rooney – Hardly an unsurprising choice, it is public knowledge that Rooney is a huge Stereophonics fan. He even managed to get them to play a secret gig at his wedding to Colleen. It is also fair to say that Rooney shares Kelly Jones’ distaste of journalists after the exposure of his private life in recent times.

Gareth Bale – When Bale lines up to strike a free-kick, his more successful efforts would undoubtedly come from a mind-set of supreme inner peace. Sigur Ros, the Icelandic post-rock outfit are high on his favourites list, and their nature film-soundtracking delights are as good a choice as any to clear your head to.