Eriksen to turn down Liverpool for bright lights of Borussia?

Talk of highly rated Christian Eriksen joining Liverpool has been more than rife in recent months, however it seems that Borussia Dortmund could be ready to pour water on that fire by making a move for the vastly rated young star according to The Metro.

Whilst many reports are indicating that this season could well prompt a sale fest at Borussia these reports would suggest that having reached the very pinnacle of European football they are determined not to fade into the wilderness. Further denting the Liverpool bubble is the fact that  Eriksen himself has seemingly like the rest of us been in awe of the German outfits remarkable progress, with the report indicating that he is more than keen on the move when two years ago he would not have considered it.

For Dortmund this story will come as a perfect tonic to the endless band of stories linking their numerous prized assets in joining Mario Gotze in making a move away from the club, whilst some might even consider the young Dane as a possible upgrade and signing such a sought after player might well convince one or two whose heads were being turned that it might just be worth sticking around.

If these repots are indeed true then Liverpool have little ammunition to combat a move, given that the Germans can offer champions league football and that is something that Brendan Rodgers outfit simply cannot offer. Unquestionably they are a side on the way up but a move for one of Europe’s hottest young prospect might just be a little to over ambitious right now. That said it is hardly any discredit that if these reports are true they will be getting turned down for a club who currently are being held up on a pedestal for achieving how things should be achieved and further to that who would not want to be playing in the sensational atmosphere of the Westfalenstadion.