The unbelievable excitement of English football (video)

English football has proven this season that the birthplace of the beautiful game is home to some of the most exciting football in the world. This has been particularly evident in the lower leagues this season with some quite unbelievable endings to games in both the Championship and League One where fans of several clubs have experienced ecstasy and agony in a matter of moments. Although you must feel sorry for the fans that are left on the losing side of these incredible finishes, you can’t deny that for the neutral watching on it is the excitement of football at its peak.

        This past weekend Vicarage Road played host to an astonishing finish in the semi-final second leg between Watford and Leicester City. Deep into injury time with the game seemingly heading into extra time at 2-2 on aggregate Leicester fans were sent into jubilation as they were awarded a debatable penalty and a chance to go to Wembley.

All that stood between them and a chance of playing for promotion at Wembley was 12 yards and Watford keeper Manuel Almunia. Anthony Knockaert’s penalty was saved by Manuel Almunia, the ball broke to the other end of the pitch and Watford’s Troy Deeney rifled the ball home. Within the space of a minute jubilation turned to utter anguish for Leicester fans as in one swift move Watford were now going to Wembley and Leicester were suffering the heartbreak of a last minute penalty miss.

        This hasn’t been the first time this season though that a last minute penalty miss has resulted in a goal at the other end. On the final day of the season Hull city were awarded a last minute penalty against Cardiff giving them a chance to secure their promotion. However that was missed by Nick Proschwitz and champions Cardiff broke and were awarded a penalty themselves which Nicky Maynard who scored to level the match 2-2 leaving Hull City fans with an excruciating wait, only hoping that Watford couldn’t better their draw.

Ultimately they couldn’t and Hull were promoted, but this conclusion was another crazy finish to a game which highlighted all the possible emotions a football player, manager and fan can go through ranging from delirious jubilation to absolute despair.

Football can be a cruel game but there always has to be a winner and a loser, these games this season though have simply epitomised English football, teams putting absolutely everything on the line to win and for the neutral it is phenomenal to watch.