Chelsea could make shock move for Cristiano Ronaldo AND Wayne Rooney (video)

The Express are reporting that Chelsea are set to shock the footballing world with a sensational big money move to sign both Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney for next season. Just read that again. Take it in for a moment. Then read it again. Cristiano Ronaldo AND Wayne Rooney could be reunited in west London next year.

Okay nothing is secured, and the rumours may have stemmed from the fact that there has been movement at the bookmakers recently, but let’s just imagine the prospect of the pair once again running riot in the Premier League.

Rooney has been whinging for a while now about how he needs out of Manchester United, and Ronaldo has been doing something similar in the Spanish capital, but should the two move to Stamford Bridge in the summer then surely the Blues would be favourites to life the trophy.

Watch this clip of the pairs’ infamous falling out in the 2006 World Cup match between Portugal and England. When Rooney appeared to stamp on former Chelsea defender Ricardo Carvalho Ronaldo had no hesitation of running over and waving his arms in the face of the referee. Rooney was then sent off whilst Ronaldo’s cheeky wink to the Portugal bench told you everything you needed to know about the forward.

Running down the wing hear the Chelsea sing Viva Ronaldo… Or something of the sort.