Premier League trio target move for Gareth Bale


Just when we all thought that the Gareth Bale transfer speculation couldn’t get any more interesting…the Mirror reports that Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea are all interested in signing the talented 23-year-old.

Not only that but all three are apparently willing to pay £80million to win the race for his signature.

I use the word “race” loosely, as races go this one is rubbish, it’s an egg and spoon race, actually it’s an egg and spoon three legged sack race going backwards, it doesn’t exist.

It’s like someone turning up at the Olympic Park last year and wanting to see the men’s 100metre final run in massive clown feet, it’s not going to happen.

The paper suggests that Spurs are “fighting a losing battle” trying to keep hold of Bale this summer. This is nonsense, there is no battle.

Gareth Bale will not be leaving Tottenham Hotspur this year. That’s it. That is actually the story. Not quite as exciting or suggestive as some of the others being bandied about I grant you but unlike those tales, this is based on facts.

This particular piece in the Mirror couldn’t even get the players age right so why should we take anything else they say as gospel.

Bale is under contract to Spurs for another three year. I accept that contracts in football generally don’t mean very much but we have to remember that this is a contract with Tottenham and Daniel Levy is involved.

If there was a year left on the deal then my view would be different, the same if there were two years. If that was the situation then there would be a possibility that the club would reluctantly cash in.

The fact that there are three years left means that he will not be sold, he will be offered a new deal which he may or may or accept but there will be no transfer this summer.

I’d like to think that this will be the last word on the matter.

Allen Whyte


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