Like it or not Liverpool fans, Suarez exit is imminent

Even as a Liverpool fan you’d imagine it to be very difficult to fully support Luis Suarez.

I have long said that there is no denying the man’s talents. The Uruguayan hitman has been blessed with one of the finest touches in football and his movement and guile almost won him Player of the Year awards were it not for hunger striking and Branislav Ivanovic being the closet thing to an edible meal.

Liverpool have valiantly stood by their man, though, and he has repaid them by openly stating that he would find a move to Real Madrid hard to turn down. We can quickly add modesty and loyalty to Suarez’s list of attributes.

For all his talents Suarez is a magnet for trouble and surely the club now realises that he is more trouble than he is worth. In his press conference Suarez lamented at how he has been treated by the English press but he only has himself to blame for consistently having moments of complete madness.

The smart move for Liverpool is to make sure Real Madrid offer a healthy amount for the striker and then offload him to the Spanish giants. Yes, he has delivered moments of brilliance at Anfield but enough is enough and this latest admission that he would like to leave the club that have been so loyal to him shows what a clueless individual he really is.

Incredible entertainment, no doubt,  but it now appears that Suarez’s time in England is coming to a close.