Real Madrid offer £20m defender to Chelsea as John Terry and David Luiz future looks uncertain

Real Madrid have had enough of Pepe’s rough and tumble and are actively looking to get rid of the robust defender by offering him to the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City. One man who has been continually linked with EVERYTHING is Jose Mourinho, who is set to become the new Blues boss, and with it could take the his compatriot to west London.

Pepe has sculpted a name for himself as a no nonsense, hardy individual who will do anything it takes to win a game. And when you’re on the road to trying to regain the Premier League trophy next season then that will come in handy.

It is a sad state of affairs when a player is more widely recognised for their off the field antics rather than their ability on the ball, much the same as Luis Suarez who has shocked* us all by announcing his desire to leave Liverpool this summer.

*I say shocked, I mean relieved.

So, where would Pepe fit into the mix at Stamford Bridge? With John Terry set for talks regarding his future at the club likely to come in the next few weeks and David Luiz suggesting that a move to Barcelona could well be on the cards, could Pepe be the man to slot into the heart of defence next to Gary Cahill?

Fleet footedness isn’t a phrase that comes to mind with those two at the back.

What do you reckon Chelsea fans, to Pep or not to Pep?

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