The negativity surrounding Falcao’s move to Monaco (Video)


Like many, I am a fan of Radamel Falcao and his goalscoring abilities. Who doesn’t like a natural goalscorer with an eye for the spectacular?

Being an Arsenal fan, and an optimist too, I was holding out hope that Arsene Wenger was going to go against his own philosophies and splash that reported £70m on the Colombian striker but that was all dashed away with news this week that Falcao is going in fact going to, er, Monaco.

Yes, that’s right, not Manchester City, Chelsea or PSG, Falcao has opted for Monaco. The Ligue 2 champions have gone on something of a splurge as their owner, a Russian billionaire, has decided to spend a lot of money on new players.

Falcao has been snapped up for a reported £50m and I am certain that he will fare far better than that other £50m signing a couple of years ago. To be honest with you if Falcao isn’t coming to Arsenal than I don’t really care where he goes but this ridiculous free spending from Monaco is symptomatic of the current crazy world of football.

As long as the former Atletico Madrid no. 9 keeps scoring goals like this than Monaco fans, and football fans in general, will be kept happy.