3 reasons why Jose Mourinho’s second spell at Chelsea will be considered a failure

Jose Mourinho has been confirmed as the Chelsea manager for the second time after his spell at Madrid came to an ugly end. In a stint which he described as one of the hardest in his career he fell out with almost the entire Spanish population and is ready build Chelsea’s title challenge for next year, but going against the grain we take a look at why the special one’s second spell may not be as successful as expected.

Never go back

You have heard the expression a thousand times. Whenever something goes wrong involving an ex that phrase is thrown around without even giving it a thought. It happens in football, it happens in relationships, it happens in just about everything.

Roman Abramovich ended on bad terms with Mourinho the first time round, if papers are to be believed, and although it will be all smiles for the cameras in the early stages, it would be no surprise if the cracks started to appear after the honeymoon period.

Mourinho won six major trophies first time round and will be pushed to match that this time round.

Rafa’s credit

It has been well documented that Chelsea started in seven competitions last season and were only victorious in one with people scrutinising the six competitions that were ‘lost’. Few are quick to mention the good job that Benitez did, though, as his men played over 60 games and won the Europa League. He also delivered third place in the Premier League and has Fernando Torres (whisper it) scoring goals again.

Rafa was never going to get the credit he deserved because of the pathetic hatred aimed towards him by the Chelsea fans, but there were a few who thanked him for his hard work. If Mourinho fails to win at least one major trophy then will they be so harsh? I think not.

Don’t believe the hype

We know what sort of man Jose Mourinho is. We know the mid games, the arrogance and the fruity touchline antics all come as part of the parcel with him, but everywhere he has been employed he has had a major falling out with at least one member of playing staff.

He failed to win anything in his final year at the Santiago Bernabeu and has looked visibly stressed.