Goal of the season (Video)

Whilst Philippe Mexes and Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored sensational overhead kicks this season, one player has possibly outdone them both with a stunning scorpion kick style effort. Unfortunately for him it was scored in a Cypriot league game, as opposed to either a Champions League match or an international against England. Consequently there weren’t many spectators in the ground to witness the moment and the commentator was also slightly unimpressed with what had just happened.

Deciding on the finest goal scored is always a difficult task, not least when you are comparing leagues from across the world. Do you go for the long range strikes that have caught out the keeper, or the swerving screamers that seem to take on a trajectory that defies the laws of physics. Then there are the delicate backheels, chips and finesse finishes that leave you admiring the skill some players have.

Whilst the aforementioned overhead kicks are extremely challenging from a technical point of view, Ibrahimovic’s goal also required astounding speed of thought to attempt such a strike. However, in my opinion the scorpion kick is so unnatural and so outlandish that it has to take the award. Ricardo Fernandes was the man that performed the trick and he does extremely well just to keep the ball from flying off his heel and entering the outer rows of the stadium, such is the speed on the cross.

The ball actually enters the side netting of the inside of the goal and the keeper has a look of absolute shock on his face as he turns back around to see which attacker had the belief to attempt the strike. For a ball that is travelling behind you the normal instinct is to leave it, but something that day convinced Fernandes that he really could get something on the ball and guide it into the far corner of the goal.

Do you agree with my decision or is there another goal that you think is better than this?

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