Could we see Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo together at Real Madrid?

With potential moves hanging over their heads, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo are sought after men and arguably the two best wingers in the game. They’re also two players who could end up playing together come next season.

With Ronaldo there’s always a news story waiting to comment on his game, always wanting to speculate on his future, so it will be no surprise this summer he is once again being gossiped about. Whether or not you chose to believe his reported disinterest and deep sadness at Madrid, you have to wonder what will be the outcome of his cries, will he get that move he craves so much back to a club he once so craved to leave or will he wash up on the money shores of Paris, either way his pockets will be deeply lined. Madrid are also desperate to keep their star man, offering him a contract worth over a reported £30 million to keep their want away star from leaving, a lot of money for an “unhappy” player, but when have Real Madrid ever really thought about money?

That brings us onto the next move in Madrid’s plan to finally reclaim Europe, Gareth Bale, whereas getting Ronaldo to commit to such a heft contract would be like a new signing in itself, Bale is reportedly the man Real want as their new Galatico. With Real’s sporting director Zinedine Zidane a huge fan and with his power of persuasion he could get Florentino Perez to part with a huge fee, believed to be around £80-85 million depending on what paper you read.

It’s all well and good flashing your cash when you’re one of the richest clubs in the world, but actually getting Tottenham to part with their star player will be another obstacle. Real have already encountered Daniel Levy’s shrewd and hostile clenches on players, with the whole Modric saga which lasted around two years. This time round though will Levy have the power or bottle to keep his star man, Bale would welcome a move to Madrid and for £80 million, Tottenham would surely have to admit defeat and sell. Or does the infamous Daniel Levy have other plans? And will these two obviously brilliant individuals get to walk out wearing the same shirt?

By Michael King  

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