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Should Chelsea be excited with Jose Mourinho’s return?

After his departure in September 2007, Chelsea have been indifferent. Their fascinating board room ups and downs have been frequent in the tabloids and have seen some of the more talented coaches prevail and still find themselves sacked and on the other hand coaches left wondering how they even fell into the job in the first place, that’s right Avram Grant, who‘s expertise involve getting teams relegated and who is interestingly in line for the job available at Sheffield United job. How the mighty have fallen.

But today is about “The Special One” and he’s back, but for how long and how will he go about his business second time round?

Firstly let’s address the fact no one keeps a job for very long at Chelsea, not even poor old Di Matteo, his conquering of Europe lead him to the permanent job at Stamford Bridge only to have a run of bad games and find himself unemployed by November. It’s nothing new and since his purchase of the club Roman Abramovich has hired and fired at will often disregarding the fans of the club with his appointments, but has he finally got them back on side with his most recent and not so new instalment? Mourinho is back, it’s been six years since his departure and in those six years, Chelsea have won their fair share of trophies, most recently the Europa League and most prestigious Champions League, but since Mourinho’s departure they’ve only had their hands on one English Premier League trophy. Is that all about to change over this coming season?

One thing Mourinho will have to address is his squad, the ageing but ever still evergreen and consistent Frank Lampard will most likely lead the Chelsea midfield as well as Mr Chelsea himself John Terry being given a chance to get a look in now Rafa has left. One thing is for sure is there will be purchase’s and likely departures, Cavani has been heavily linked and has publicly announced his appreciation of The Special One. Stevan Jovetic is another on The Blue’s radar as well as fellow striker Edin Dzeko.

The departures are what will define Chelsea as a squad this coming season, Torres is likely to leave and if reports are true as is Demba Ba, but what will shake  most if true is David Luiz is future, his presence in the line-up last year was something of a surety. Mourinho’s second coming will most definitely ruffle some feathers, at Chelsea and in the Premier League. Welcome back Jose. 

By Michael King

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