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Liverpool target – Nice to have or need to have?

Steady, Jonjo. Steady!When I’m not irritating people with my views on Liverpool FC and Football in general, I have my own business. Part of my reason for working for myself is because I got tired of all these stupid workplace clichés like, Reaching out and Nice to have or need to have…? Bo-ring!

So today, in order to maintain the irritation level I’m going to bring these phrases into the real world. The world of Footie. That way, I can reach out to you all. I saw in The Mirror the other morning that Crystal Palace are about to “Pinch Tom Ince from under the noses of Liverpool and Tottenham”. Really? Is this something LFC fans should be upset about? Call in sick to work with stress? Should Brendan Rodgers rush back from his holiday in Mustique or wherever he is? Or Raheem Sterling remove the blonde that’s carefully balancing on his balls right now?

Personally, I think not. As much as I rate Tom Ince very highly as a future prospect and on his current ability, and being a huge fan of his father, despite his Manc-chester United past. My response has to be a massive “Whateva!”.  It has to be said, that with current members of the squad like Phillippe Coutinho, Sterling and Suso, there isn’t really any requirement for Ince junior. Don’t get me wrong; I’d love to see him doing his thing for Liverpool, but right now… He’s more of a nice to have than a need to have!

Currently, in the Liverpool squad, there’s a fair few players who can play in young Thomas’ position. Adding to those already mentioned, Jordan Henderson, and, if the papers are to be believed, Iago Aspas or Goals Asap to use his new name from the anagram maker, we have potentially five players vying for perhaps two positions. But wait! If I reach out to my Liverpool FC squad list, I also see Jonjo Shelvey. Six. Stewart Downing. Eight. Possibly me. Well, OK… You get my drift.

However, this next point could change things somewhat. Recent press speculation has hinted that Chris Houghton’s Norwich City are willing to part with good money for Shelvey. I have to admit, reluctantly, that despite initially having high hopes for him, his overall performances last season disappointed me. This was also reflected in his lack of appearances after the Manyoo game – when he was sent off. His lack of composure both in general and in front of goal confirms my worst fears that he may not quite make the grade.

With that in mind, I have to turn this whole thing on it’s head.  Is there a chance Liverpool could miss a trick here? It’s clear Tom Ince would be wasted at Palace. No disrespect to my hometown club but he can do far better for himself. The move would smack of just wanting to get Premiership football. They say you can’t have too much of a good thing, and competition for places is something Liverpool need if they want to challenge, and still be regarded as one of, the establishment.

Perhaps, Sterling should tell the blonde to “do one”, and while he’s at it, he can reach out to Brendan Rodgers. We have business to do. There’s someone we need to have.