Strongbow Cider Lays Down a Challenge You Can’t Refuse

Have you heard of the Strongbow Earn it Campaign? If not you must have been hiding under a rock as this exciting campaign has been the talk at the bar forweeks. 2013 is the year of the challenge, so if you think you have what it takes to prove your skills you now have the perfect excuse to show your stuff.

There are many different challenges that are waiting for you to sign up to. If you are an active soul the sports challenge is a must. If you do nothing else all summer you’ll be so glad you signed up for this. So what’s involved? There are a couple of sports challenges that will put you to the test. You can register for any of the challenges at

Would You Risk Knowing How Gareth Southgate Felt?
How many times have you shouted at the screen during a penalty? Now is your chance to experience what it is like to be under that amount of pressure, while the whole world watches would you be able to hit the back of the net? Even if you think you could do your mates really believe you? Not likely. Now you have the perfect opportunity to prove you could and claim the glory and the free pint for your footy skills. When they see you score everyone will know you’re not one to mess with on the pitch.

Take on James Anderson at His Own Game
Cricket fans will be given the opportunity to give it their all on the green and face an over from the one and only Jimmy Anderson. Save a wicket and win a pint, sounds like a breeze doesn’t it? Don’t go thinking this will be easy, you will be taking on The King of Swing! You’d be very wise to get your practice in beforehand although will anything really prepare you for this challenge?

The Army Has Nothing on This
For all you hard men the Tough Mudder challenge will really test your limits. You can get your mates involved in this one and take the assault course on as a group or as an individual. If you can complete it you will have definitely earned that refreshing pint at the end and you’ll certainly need it. This isn’t a challenge for the weak willed, you will have to dig deep, use your mental and physical power to battle through and become one of the successful.

Are You Having a Laugh?
If physical exercise isn’t really your thing the comedy challenge could be the perfect alternative for you. Visit the sites to find out more Think you’re funny? Everyone will find out soon enough if you can deliver the jokes. It will be you, the stage, the lights and the audience waiting in anticipation for you to make them bend over in laughter. Intimidating? Yes. Exhilarating? You bet. There will be hundreds of eyes on you as you perform live at a top comedy venue. Prepare to sweat!

Want to earn a pint or two? You will need to sign up and prove you are worthy