Tottenham to lose midfielder?

With all the talk of Gareth Bale staying or maybe leaving, several players’ futures have slipped through the cracks and with a squad trimming planned of up to a reported ten players we could be seeing a new look Tottenham next term after a strong season last year.

Out of all the players rumoured to be potentially sold including their two main forwards Jermain Defoe and Adebayor, even Tom Huddlestone, it’s the rumours about Scott Parker that shock me most. A cornerstone for any team, at 32 years old, yes he’s aging, but Parker’s game has never been about pace or trickery or even attacking. Scott Parker is a classic English midfield general who gives his all, and in this day and age it’s always an advantage to have a player who’s going to give you one hundred per cent every time he crosses the white line onto the football pitch.

Available for around a merge £4 million and without trying to sound like a touting agent, would fit the bill for any top table side. Sunderland have already reportedly lodged an interest and with Paolo Di Canio desperate to  stamp his own mark on his side, I’m sure Parker would more than fit the profile, adding discipline and shoring up a leaky back four. There are other options though, obviously to stay at Tottenham would be one, but with other options in the centre or midfield, Andre Villas-Boas would lean more so to the younger players in his squad. West Ham could be another option, his time at the east end club was cherished by fans and to see him in claret and blue again would more than excite The Irons fans.

So with only one team putting forward their initial interest for the midfielder so far, but with nothing concrete as of yet, Parker’s future will only be gossip and uncertain, but whatever his decision, his ability will be an all-round asset to his employers.

By Michael King

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