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Joe Kinnear returns to Newcastle – Reaction (Video)

I am probably not the only person who was taken completely by surprise with the announcement that Joe Kinnear was to be given the position of ‘Director of Football’ at Newcastle United.

The 66-year-old, who briefly managed the club in the 2008/2009 season after Kevin Keegan resigned, has been given the job of overseeing the transfer policy at the club and identifying talented players to bring to St James’ Park. Has Alan Pardew had any say about his appointment or is this a decision taken solely by Mike Ashley and likely to ruffle a few feathers at the club?


It seems extremely unlikely that Alan Pardew has had any part to play in Kinnear’s return, especially looking at the type of potential influence the ex-Wimbledon manager could have. The Newcastle boss would not want anyone to interfere with the players arriving and leaving the club, as his role as manager is to assess his playing squad and decide where and how to strengthen certain positions. What is so surprising about choosing Kinnear to fulfil this task is that he suffered heart problems in February 2009, resulting in him having to leave his management position, and he has never done this sort of work at any other club before now. What experience can he bring to the job and does this mean that Pardew will have to ask for Kinnear’s permission to purchase or offload individuals?

Whilst it is common practice in other European leagues to have a director of football, there are only a handful of clubs in England that use this approach. More often than not it is perceived as an unnecessary obstacle for a manager to overcome and causes a delay in transfer dealings to be completed. How are situations where disagreements between manager and director regarding a potential target resolved? The chairman is then placed in an awkward position of having to take sides and Mike Ashley could seriously undermine his manager if he sides with Kinnear.

I don’t believe that this appointment will change the club for the better, although it is only fair to give Kinnear the benefit of the doubt and time will tell whether he really can deliver on his promises. However, most Geordies were less than impressed when he was given the manager’s job, so it seems highly unlikely that they will be too pleased at what they see as another member of the ‘cockney mafia’ turning up on Tyneside.

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