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Luis Suarez Heading for the Exit Door

In the recent weeks much has been seen and wrote about Mr. Suarez’s future and today has been no different, with the gossip columns stating it could be City, Madrid and even Napoli reportedly readying bids for the controversial striker. The Uruguayan has been doing himself no favours, and only fuelling his potential move away from Anfield. So whether today’s news stokes the flames, it is looking likely Liverpool’s famous number seven will be leaving.

News of his unhappiness has always been whispered about, ever since the Patrice Evra debacle. Suarez has felt himself “victimized” by the English press and English referees, but the man doesn’t help himself does he? Evra being racially abused, Branislav Ivanovic getting bitten and who could forget that goal celebration in front of former Everton manager David Moyes. Luis Suarez has always found himself as enemy number one and his plea for the media to not portray him as a pantomime villain, is frankly ludicrous, here we have a man going around biting other players and that’s not the first time he’s done that either, so what really does he expect? But what we do have here is a professional who will try and win at all costs, a professional who wants to be the best in his sport, hence the talk of his uncertain future.

His keenness is certainly at times over zealous, his greediness not so greedy when you realize what this individual can do on his own, but his attitude is lacking any decency.  With odds on leaving rising in the passing weeks, Real Madrid certainly does seem the most likeliest of destinations for him to pitch up sticks and also the expression of fondness for the Spanish side, will certainly go a long way in a successful bid from Madrid. Liverpool will be desperate to keep their key player, so with any potential move, The Reds will drag their heels in, but what Liverpool must admit defeat when it comes down to facts, they aren’t the force they once were and a player of Suarez caliber needs to spread his wings, especially if he does want to leave, the only plus the Merseyside club take from so many negatives is their reputation won’t be further damaged by such a highly controversial figure, because in all honestly the bites, the mistranslated racism and whatever trick Suarez next pulls from his troublemaking sleeve, it certainly won’t be the last time he’s caused headlines for the wrong reasons.

By Michael King

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