Will Neymar become the best in the world?

With Brazil’s more than convincing going over of Spain last night, it’s safe to say Brazil are back, the passion, pride and the olé’s are back. The Maracana played host to the resurgent Brazil breezing past a sub-par Spanish side who struggled to contain one man, many will be playing alongside next season, Neymar.

Although substandard, not necessarily bad, it was just Brazil were better, a lot better. Spain struggled to defend and handle Brazilian football’s golden boy, who showed finally on the grand stage what he could do and what many defences and opposing managers fear he will be doing for many years to come. His mature, no messing performance saw limited showboating, he instead let his ghost like dribbling carry him over every blade of grass in Spain’s half, pull and pry the likes of Pique, Ramos and in particular Arbeloa all over the place.

In the past we’ve seen the 21-year-old, fade and be edged out by bigger physical opponents, in the Maracana in front of just over 73,000, the new Barcelona man stood taller than ever, his pride, his country’s pride and respect fully restored. So now the question begs, how good will he go on to be? He’ll be in a team alongside Messi, Xabi and Iniesta, all world beaters no question, so if he’s this good now, what will he have achieved in ten years’ time? Everything going is my guess, I give him two years before he’s collecting the highest personal achievements. Yes one good game doesn’t make for predictions like this, but this wasn’t just one game, his whole Confederations Cup was special, now at Barcelona it’s almost a guarantee there’s more special moments to come from him.

By Michael King   

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