What Next for Mark Schwarzer?

With the big Aussie leaving Fulham and at the tender age of 40, Mark Schwarzer is planning his next footballing move, but the man himself has admitted his future is uncertain. So after five years at the London club, where could he possibly take himself?

After first rocking up to these cold shores, he found himself playing for Bradford City, the first of his three English clubs, the cold northern air must have been in stark contrast and quite the shock to the system for the Australian, and so after a year at Bradford he decided to move even further up north to play for Middlesbrough. He then went on to play in between the sticks for Boro, for eleven years even playing in the UEFA Cup final for them. So now after his five years at Fulham and a staggering 17 years in English football, Schwarzer finds himself without a club.

His vast amount of experience would be an asset to any Premier League club, but he will be wanting first team action and with his evergreen ability, who’s to say he won’t get that. One thing that could be a deciding factor is, it is World Cup year, so he does need to be playing week in, week out, not only for the eyes of the Australian coach, but for himself, so that could well mean a move back home.

His recent talk of his “openness to anything” and lack of developments could well mean he might end up back playing in Australia, but his footballing ability might say otherwise. Some of the fondness, eye catching saves ever made in the Premier League have been made by this man, it would be a shame to see him disappear into the sunset. 

By Michael King

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