A look at the European striker merry-go-round

The strikers of Europe go round and round, round and round. The summer transfer activity is surely going to consist of the revolving door of strikers and in particular a certain few. Let’s have a look at the prime candidates who just simply want to move.

In this day and age it doesn’t matter if you’re Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Liverpool or Borussia Dortmund, you can’t seem to keep hold of your strikers, your main assets, your goal getters, so why  is the grass greener? And why is it the summer of 2013, the summer they all moved?

In Luis Suarez’s case, it’s understandable, he’s a diamond and Liverpool’s a…Well, not a crown. Madrid beckons. Wayne Rooney’s case is different Manchester United is so conceited in its glory, it’s past and now it’s future, why would he want to leave? A lack of motivation? He has that now as does all his team mates, to keep United at the top under their new manager, David Moyes. Other teams can’t get rid of their strikers, wink, wink, nudge, nudge Fernando Torres. The stark contrast and truth of what can happen to a want away striker is written in the pastures of Torres’ Chelsea career, now he’s set to either warm the bench or slug it out at a lesser side.

Luis Suarez’s move depends on one thing, Gonzalo Higuain, Arsenal reportedly put a futile bid of £30 million in for the Liverpool man this week, for a number of reasons, to either buy the player and to move the Higuain deal along quicker. It would take more than £30 million to prize Suarez from Liverpool and Arsene Wenger knows that. Higuain moves to Arsenal, Madrid move for Suarez, everybody is happy. A similar story calls at Manchester, both City and United have striking targets Cavani is seemingly off to join Falcao in fruitlessly kicking a ball around in the French league, so a Wayne Rooney move would spark a move from a United point of view and the domino effect would continue to fall with whoever signed Rooney, say Chelsea for instance, who are reportedly favourites, that would all but spell curtains for Fernando and Ba.

We’ll simply just have to wait and see as the big boys sort out their moves and the owners hover over their cheque books, needs must and football is a needy game.

By Michael King 

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