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What does Moyes midfield search mean for England man?

Few could blame Manchester United player Tom Cleverley for walking around at the moment with an air of ubiquitous trepidation.

The midfielder must feel a bit like a faithful family Labrador that the kids have stopped playing with while the parents thumb through a catalogue of ‘Dogs R Us’.

It would be fair to say that his career has become something of a contradiction, good enough for England but not good enough for United, trusted by Sir Alex to start against Real Madrid but left on the bench or out of the squad completely for nine of the last fifteen league games.

Cleverley in total started eighteen Premier League last season, of these he was on the pitch when the final whistle was blown just five times.

The season before he started just five League games, in part but not totally as a result of a foot injury.

His limited first team exposure at Old Trafford belies the fact that he will be 24 in August; he can no longer be considered a promising youngster on the verge of a possible breakthrough, he needs to now to be established in the side.

New manager David Moyes interest in Thiago Alcantara, Cesc Fabregas and Marouane Fellaini demonstrates a clear acknowledgement that the middle of the pitch is an area that requires upgrading.

This is no surprise; their title win last season was based more on attrition than creation, during the last few transfer windows they have been linked with the likes of Wesley Sneijder and Luka Modric in their search for more imagination.

This is an indication that Cleverley for all his neat passing and boundless energy doesn’t have the ability to be the playmaker that the side needs.

United have a produced a whole host of home-grown midfielders, Beckham, Giggs and Scholes proved themselves worthy of comparison with any at the top end of their profession.

Others like Butt and Fletcher whilst never achieving world class status eked out successful careers for themselves at the club.

This season will be pivotal in deciding whether Cleverley follows that route or the more well worn path of Wallwork, Chadwick, Richardson, Eagles, Stewart, Eagles, Jones and many erstwhile midfield hopefuls who never quite make it at the Theatre of Dreams.

Allen Whyte 


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