Suarez? Higuain? Will Arsenal make that big signing?

Arsenal have recorded victories of 7-0 and 7-1 in the first two games of their pre-season tour against Indonesia and Vietnam respectively.

Now, if you were a fool and thought that pre-season games were occasions where you could tell a lot about a team than you would say that Arsenal have no problems with regards to their striking options ahead of the new season.

The truth is, though, is that they need that star striker. No offence to Olivier Giroud, a very good player in my opinion, but not quite the blockbuster £25m + superstar that is going to elevate Arsenal to the next level.

What exactly are the club doing? Many of us thought the deal for Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain was a done deal but it appears Arsenal’s interest has cooled as Napoli have now targeted him as their replacement of Edison Cavani. 

Arsenal’s message at the beginning of the summer was that they were going to spend big and spend early and the Higuain deal was their chance to show their intent. It seems to have fallen through, though, and the recent talk of a huge bid for Liverpool’s Luis Suarez is, quite frankly, bewildering.

Of course Suarez is a talented chap but surely there is too much baggage there to take the risk? We all know what he is capable of and Arsenal have a reputation for a being a very strict and disciplined club. 

Wenger commented yesterday that the club were not close to signing anybody, citing the lack of options in the transfer market as a reason no money had been spent yet. With the new season only a month away it looks as though the club will be leaving it to the very last minute to bring in new recruits. That’s if they bring any in at all.