Remembering the bests – Real Madrid’s Roberto Carlos (video)

My final installment of remembering players is another member of the Real Madrid ‘Galacticos’ team. That’s right, the small but deceptively strong Roberto Carlos who lit up the left hand side of the Galacticos attack and, in the same breath, provided real defensive steel. Famous for his bullet free kicks that you can forgive a keeper for not even trying to save it.

It wasn’t just his free kicks that were scary, the amount of power he could get behind a regular shot was just incredible. I can’t imagine what went through a keepers head when the Brazilian prepared himself for a shot.

He was the perfect left back if you think about it. Someone who is more than capable in attack and defence, unbelievable amount of speed, the energy to run a full length of the pitch just to make a tackle not only shows an incredible amount of stamina but an amazing amount of dedication. He was also an expert at tackling. You can see that he times the tackles he makes because he doesn’t dive in straight away he waits for a window of opportunity to neutralise an attack.

A legend of the game if there ever was one and a defender of real quality.

I have enjoyed reminiscing about legends of the game, and I hope you have enjoyed it with me. It’s an enjoyable pastime.


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