Aaron Ramsey – A Look At The Arsenal Midfielder’s Progress

Aaron Ramsey – a player who has split the opinions of Arsenal fans around the world. A player that is obviously extremely talented but hasn’t always shown his quality. Some of the Arsenal fan base, including myself, recognised his talent pre injury and never forgot it.

They gave him time and knew that one day they will see the player that excited so many of us. However, the rest of the fans gave him very little time to recover from his injury and in the following couple of seasons he received a lot of criticism. What makes him my favourite in world football today is the fact that he never let the criticism get to him, which is a very brave thing for him to do especially at such a young age. He’s an inspiration to me, not only in terms of his footballing abilities but also in terms of him going through so much at a young age and coming out the other side with a smile on his face.

But now Ramsey is starting to prove all of his critics wrong after experiencing a sort of renaissance period around February of this year in which his performances dramatically improved, up to a point where he was very hard to replace. According to the statistics on www.whoscored.com, Aaron Ramsey’s average match rating increased after the Bayern Munich away leg where he consistently churned out average match ratings of over 7.00.

That suggests an obvious improvement. However, the player has taken these good performances into pre season and has been one of the stand out players for Arsenal so far. Now pre season isn’t always the best way to judge a player for the new season but the fact that Aaron Ramsey has been quality throughout suggests that he has conditioned himself well and that will only improve during the season.

The future for Ramsey looks very bright indeed, and I’m hoping that he has a regular place in the staring line up next season. Because if any player deserves it, it’s Aaron Ramsey who most certainly does. 

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