Is Being A Football ‘Hipster’ More Difficult Than People Think?

A term coined in the 40’s which describes someone as being ‘aficionados of the growing scene’. Now with the development of social media websites such as Twitter, the word ‘hip’ or ‘hipster’ now describes a football fan who supports a club who most fans wouldn’t consider supporting despite their obvious amounts of quality. The team that took the ‘hipster’ crown last season was Borussia Dortmund. A few years ago, a majority of football fans never realised their quality but thanks to success in the Bundesliga and Champions League (sort of) recently fans have started to follow this club as a ‘secondary’ team because they like the way they play. But it’s not just football clubs that decide whether you’re ‘hip’ or not, players can also help you.

To be a football ‘hipster’ you must be able to have an eye for talent, young or old. The real football ‘hipsters’ will favourite players who people would never even consider but as soon as their quality is pointed out by them, fans realise that they are correct in their judgement. For example my favourite player in the world at the moment is Aaron Ramsey and has been for some time. Why? Well I like his attitude but I also think he is a quality player that is starting to get the recognition he deserves. To be his fan for a long time, I’ve had to take a lot of flack for it. Was it worth it? Yes – look at the praise he is receiving now.

However, as the rest of the fan base pick up on their quality you will have to move on to a different player or team otherwise you won’t be considered a ‘hipster’ anymore.

Regarding my final point in that second paragraph, you must be able to take a lot of abuse if you choose to support a player you believe to be quality. However, you must be able to justify why you believe the player is quality otherwise you’re mind can be change very quickly and easily which is where social media fails so catastrophically.

But there are benefits of being a football ‘hipster’. The main being that you appear more knowledgeable about football. This is a benefit because people will listen to you more than they would anyone else.

This whole piece can be summed up using this statement, for those who don’t already understand. It’s like shopping is an unpopular shop that has equally as good prices and quality of food but because it isn’t one of the big brands people tend to disregard it until they experience it and therefore changing their minds. 

It’s not easy being a football ‘hipster’.

One last thing, never refer to yourself as a ‘hipster’ as you’re only going to annoy everyone. Just keep it in your head.

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