Javi Martinez – The Engine In The Bayern Munich Team

Yesterday’s article on my top 10 favourite players in world football is the inspiration behind my three video blogs. As I’ve probably said too much about Aaron Ramsey (I can’t help it really), I will choose three other players from my list and I’ll start with Javi Martinez.

The 24-year-old Spaniard was an unsung hero at the heart of Bayern Munich’s treble winning team last season. He arrived from Athletic Bilbao last summer in a deal worth just over £35 million. A few eyebrows were raised at the price of the player, but he’s definitely proved his worth since his arrival. What I like about him the most is his ability to play wherever he’s asked to and know that he will still have a really good game – versatility at it’s best.

The two legs against Barcelona last season really demonstrated his talent – and the video provided shows exactly why.

Martinez is extremely good at tackling, which is what makes him the perfect player to play in the double pivot role. He can time his tackles to perfection, which is a powerful weapon to have in a player. He can be rash, you have to be sometimes, but he usually breaks up play incredibly well and fairly, too.

His reading of the game is also un-matched by most midfielders in his position around the world – he can  interpret the flow of the game very well and dictate from there. If Bayern Munich are under pressure he won’t be so rash in tackles, he’ll hold up the player to allow his team to get behind the ball and then he’ll go in for the kill, which subsequently means his team can break forward in numbers, changing the flow of the match entirely.

He’s equally as good at applying the pressure when Bayern are on top and are in need of a goal – he’ll squeeze a bit further up and use his incredible amounts of stamina to maintain the push on the opposition.

He’s an extremely good player, so keep your eye on him throughout this season.

As always, enjoy the video!


Enjoy the video.

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