The Importance Of Theo Walcott To Arsenal

I’ve been inspired by yesterday’s post for my three video blogs for today because I love pointing out, and almost realising myself on some occasions, how important a player is to a team. Today I have a visual aid to assist me, and the player who I have chosen is Theo Walcott. The 24-year-old has been at the centre of criticism for most of his career at Arsenal after bursting on to the scene as a 16-year-old. The reason for this is, until last season, he was very inconsistent and fans started to worry that all of the potential he had as a 16-year-old was already reached by the age of 23/24. However, last season he proved many critics wrong by being Arsenal’s top goal scorer with 14 goals. He also grabbed 12 assists in the Premier League also.

Now, his importance this season goes beyond the goals or assists he racks up because he has a new and very crucial role for Arsenal this season.

He will be the outlet player – the player that will look to run in behind defenders and just generally be an option on the wing at all times. With Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere and Ramsey providing through balls for him to run on to then it was cause all sorts of problems for defenders because he’s too quick to catch.

All he needs to do is improve his decision making in the final third and he will be one of the best in the world at what he does. If Giroud continues his fine form then Walcott’s importance will yet again be proven through statistics.


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