The Importance Of Tomas Rosicky To Arsenal

The shaggy looking 32-year-old Czech Republic international perhaps hasn’t enjoyed the career he would have wanted at Arsenal, with all the injuries he’s suffered since his arrival back in 2006 from Borussia Dortmund. Now, I’ve picked up on Rosicky’s importance fairly early on but I haven’t yet had the platform to write an article on my thoughts. But the time has come, so sit back and hear my thoughts as to why Rosicky is as important to Arsenal as any other player on the pitch. Unless you’ve already realised this of course – it’s surprising the amount of people that haven’t in all honesty.

The Czech Republic international has been exactly that for 90 caps now, which is an incredible feat considering how much he has spent on the sidelines. One of his main attributes which gives him so much importance in the Arsenal and international team is his experience at the very top of his game. Experience at the top of his profession is important for any team, but as Arsene Wenger is famous for the inclusion of youngsters in many of his squads, this importance only increases.

He can guide and teach the players on the pitch. The past couple of seasons proved exactly why he’s so good at it, especially when Arsenal are in desperate need for a Champions League spot. In a recent interview given by Tottenham manager, Andre Villas-Boas, he cited that Tomas Rosicky has been Arsenal’s most important player over the past few months. Most declared his statement as complete rubbish, considering what Santiago Cazorla had accomplished in his first season. Hopefully this piece has proved just a little bit that Villas-Boas isn’t as wrong as people think.

Onto my next point, which is probably the most fascinating for Arsenal fans due to certain reasons. Rosicky is a huge role model for youngsters at Arsenal as he is often mentioned by the youth players as being the father figure in the team. Now, the most interesting point for Arsenal fans is that Rosicky has been a role model for a number of years. Marco Reus, the star of Dortmund, has often mentioned that his idol is in fact Rosicky. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet, because Reus is part of a successful team and only a huge amount of money will be considered by both the club and the player, but keeping Rosicky at the club could put Arsenal as favourites in the race to sign him.

The last point is possibly the most important because he can be a role model and have experience but not be that good a player, but Rosicky is still a quality player that can prove to be the best player on the pitch at times. Remember the first 5-2 against Tottenham? Remember his performance against West Brom? Bayern away? I’m sure people will be able to name a few more.

To sum up Rosicky’s importance in a few short words; experienced, leader and quality.

I hope this piece does open your eyes to the importance of Tomas Rosicky?

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