Why Mathieu Flamini will be a success at Arsenal

A player whose signing won’t particularly excite the fans, but equally will not cause mass outrage – he’s firmly stuck in the middle of positivity and negativity. Not many signings under the reign of Wenger can be put into that category. If you take Olivier Giroud for example, he did excite the fans, but not as much as say Santi Cazorla or  Lukas Podolski. However, a player like Park Chu Young didn’t excite the fans at all, more baffled them. Anyway, Flamini has had a stint at Arsenal before and most fans know how that ended. Now he has returned, but with renewed determination and passion. So I will try and convince Arsenal fans that he is an exciting signing despite the fact that he was signed as a free agent.

It’s important to first mention that the Gunners have a very thin squad and any player that can play multiple positions is more than welcome to join, at any price. The good thing about Flamini is that he is versatile. As Arsenal fans have witnessed so far is that he can obviously play defensive midfield but what some fans don’t know is that he can also play right and left-back. Considering our full-backs have a history of injuries, especially Sagna and Gibbs, his versatility could be key.

He’s a fairly unspectacular player – he does what he has to do and rarely nothing more, but then the same can be said about Mikel Arteta, and Arsenal fans adore him. They both seem to be masters of keeping possession and sticking to their defensive duties. They work as hard as anyone on the pitch and love to get stuck in. What’s not to get excited about when you see a perfectly executed slide tackle on a soaking wet pitch? There isn’t a better sight in reality. It can fire the team up as well as the fans who recognise the determination. Flamini, although slightly erratic, can provide such an awe inspiring sight.

The last aspect of his game-play I would like to discuss, although there are plenty more, is his ability to lead the players around him. He dictates and throws plenty of hand gestures around at different players all game. He orders the players around him to follow and listen to what he has to say which is incredible for a ‘new’ signing. He’s the type of player you would want to have alongside you when you face teams like Stoke and West Ham.

I hope this article has possibly changed your opinion on the signing of the player because I’ve been pro-Flamini since we were first linked with him.


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