A closer look at Real Madrid’s Isco

As a continuation of my articles this week about the attacking midfielders and the ‘number 10’ role in particular, I will focus my attention on Isco – the Spaniard who can become one of the best attacking midfielders of the modern age.

The 21-year-old is right at the start of his career with Real Madrid but also at the start of his career in general, he still has a number of years ahead of him to work on his game and really explore his potential. I for one am very much looking forward to seeing this happen.

He’s ridiculously talented on the ball, he can literally do what ever he wants and it works more often than not. Sometimes he leaves the opposition wishing they could chase his shadow. One minute he’s in front of you and raring to run at you, the next minute your having to turn 180 degrees trying to recover and make a tackle. His feet are mesmerising at times.

But what makes him stand out from the rest is that he can turn all this brilliant build up play into goals and assists because he already has five to his name and two assists in just nine games.

His vision and execution of a pass is simply a joy to behold, he can slice through opposition like a hot knife through butter. Basically, very easily.


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