Oliver Torres – Atletico Madrid’s secret weapon

One of the players I mentioned yesterday definitely made some of you look at the name and think, who is that? Well, the avid followers of youth football and La Liga will understand the hype that surrounds the player. A sensational talent that is just 18 years old and has potential like no other player I’ve seen in a long time. Spain are very lucky to have this player lurking amongst their youth ranks.

In the video we can see a small player make a big impact on the game, I often say this. As an Arsenal fan I get to say most weeks because of Santi Cazorla.

His composure on the ball is incredible, his awareness and ability to find gaps between the midfielders and defenders is simply amazing. He constantly drags players out the game, then burst into the space that he’s created.

Once he’s on the ball, that’s where he can really show off his technical ability. He’s a very good carrier of the ball, and what I mean by that is that he can dribble the ball past players with relative ease. Think about what Jack Wilshere does very well. 

One final aspect of his game that I literally can’t get enough is his wanting of the ball at his feet all the time. He’ll run into spaces and demand the ball from his team mates, he’s always looking to be that player that instigates everything.

One to watch out for, without a doubt.


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