Fans forgotten as football spirals into all conquering behemoth

I know it is something of an understatement saying that football is big business but it really is the truth.

It is truth in our world that men are paid weekly close to what Prime Minister of the country earns in a year. Which job do you think is more important? The answer to that question is certainly a matter for debate but I use the example to provide some context.

Football has gone corporate and it is all about the dollars these days. Ticket prices are going up, the players are getting paid excessive amounts and world footballing bodies are finding more and more ways to squeeze more money out of the beautiful game.

For clubs to survive in this day and age a billionaire investor is required it seems. It is a Faustaunian trade off of sorts; the club sells its soul and identity and in return receives numerous riches with will help them achieve bigger and better things.

Take Cardiff City as an example. Following Vincent Tan’s takeover, the club’s identity was completely changed as he changed their trademark blue shirts into red ones. Cardiff’s nickname is the Bluebirds for goodness sake! But with Tan’s investment the club have reached the dizzying heights of Premier League football. So, do you think Cardiff fans mind that they have red shirts now that they are beating the likes of Manchester City at home? There is no right or wrong answer but when considering such a question it is important to acknowledge the ever changing landscape of the football world.

Clubs now embark on very lucrative foreign pre-season tours where they cash in on the club’s image and badge. A fan’s loyalty is tested; are you loyal enough to part with with a significant amount of money to support your team? And for most the answer is yes. 

The point I am trying to make here, I suppose, is that football has become such big business that it seems those who make the big decisions have forgotten the most important aspect; the fans. And the irony of it all is that without the fans, football wouldn’t be the global behemoth it is today.