Santi Cazorla and Mesut Ozil – match made in heaven for Arsenal?

Arsenal fans don’t usually have a lot to cheer about after an international break, except from the fact that their beloved club returns to action. International breaks usually mean, injuries, injuries and even more injuries. Perhaps broken up by the occasional fatigue factor when players travel as far as the South Americas. Santi Cazorla, for example, often returns from some exotic location or island floating somewhere far away from the comfort of Europe and he also doesn’t return until it’s too late. 

This international break almost ended the worst possible way after Mesut Ozil was seen limping off against Sweden on Tuesday. Fans went into the panic mode and a flurry of tweets followed with people desperate to find even a crumb of good news.

Sure enough, they found it. Ozil was declared fit to play Norwich at the weekend but, as with Cazorla, he is expected to be eased back into the starting line up. This means that we might not see this duo combine until the Borussia Dortmund game next week.

Anyway, down to business. These two players are absolutely fantastic individually. They boast a whole range of strengths with passing the main attribute for them both. They find that finding the perfect pass to split open a defence is like second nature to them. Arsenal already create plenty of chances with just Ozil in the side, imagine Cazorla working his magic.

The amount of destruction these two players could bestow upon any opposition is unthinkable. That’s regardless of whether they read from the same page or not, if they manage find themselves on the same wavelength at any point during a game, the opposition may as well just give up trying to stop them.

I hope I haven’t hyped their relationship up too much, but the evidence for my opinion lies in what the observer has seen in the past. If you use that as a basis for your opinion, like I have, then you and I are lucky enough to be thinking the same thing. Or not, if you support anyone else.

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