Why PSG would be mad to force Adrien Rabiot out

The problem with a young player at a big club with huge spending power is that they may not get the chance they deserve, mainly because their club has bought a player in their position which would obviously halt their development. Now, some players would be happy with that because their at a big club and they earn big money. Other players, like Rabiot, are not content with just picking up a wage packet at the end of the week and getting little or no game time to show for it.

In a recent interview, Rabiot has insisted that if he feels as though his development is getting hampered then he won’t think twice about leaving.

Rabiot is 18 years old and right at the very start of his career but is already thinking about his future which shows how much he’s come on in the past couple of seasons. He’s a tall midfielder that generally plays as a box-to-box so we often see him breaking up play at one end and then charge down the pitch, exchanging passes with team mates, and joining in with the attack. 

He’s a very skilled player which any club in Europe will be lucky to get hold of. Tottenham and Arsenal have both establised an interest in him but both those clubs are well stocked in midfield which would be rather problematic if they are chasing a player who wants game time.

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