3 Reasons Manchester United Fans Should Give Midfielder A Break

With news filtering in from the Daily Star that Manchester United are ready to let Anderson leave in the next transfer window, here are three reasons why the United fans should get off his back.

1) Positive

The Brazilian is in his seventh season with United and has already played 174 games for the club, and despite all the abuse he receives and he criticism he is face with I have never heard the 25-year-old complaining about anything.

He has been used as a bit-part player for his lengthy stint at the club and is so positive when he takes to the field it’s refreshing to see.

2) Statistics

Although statistics don’t tell you the whole story in regards to a player’s performance, they give you a pretty good idea as to who has been pulling their weight, and Anderson’s are very strong.

Last season in his 17 appearances – only one of which he completed the full 90 minutes – he won 13/18 tackles, 9/14 headers, created 13 chances and completed 86% of his attempted passes.

Not bad for a flop, eh?

3) One of their own

Why oh why do football fans boo their own players? Okay fans pay their money and can therefore do as they please, in reason, but what good does abusing your own players do? The motto I and many others go by is support your team during the game and then go and discuss it down the pub afterwards.

Can’t we just appreciate Anderson hasn’t had the rub of the green? No?